pietro-ferrante.png Pietro Ferrante

Pietro Ferrante is an autograph brand of a man and his exuberant and dynamic philosophy of life: he has founded a solid company based on passion for creating exclusive jewelry lines. In over 30 years worldwide experience, his name has always meant Italian luxury design and of course, the excellence of handmade in Italy. Today, Pietro Ferrante plays a complete new rule for jewelry fashion lovers: this brand reconsiders the latest trends, the coolest style and the most original ways of living in a completely personal, racy mood. With an absoloutely innovative and winning taste, Pietro Ferrante lines refresh simple things and everyday habits and get to be loved by all those who wish not just an ornament but a symbol of belonging, a very summary of their personality. We can safely say Pietro Ferrante is the ultimate object of worship in the Italian street and rock life style: a fashion jewelry able to revalue ancient traditions thanks to the work of the hands , heart and mind. Thousands of unique and exclusive pieces , just as each of us. “Every time we beat the eyes, we photograph an idea that will soon be transformed into a Pietro Ferrante jewel”.