the-north-face.png The North Face

The North Face logo, shaped like a half dome, knows its boom at the turn of the new millennium, widening its range of action with new technologies and collaborations that consecrate it as a sacred monster of the world streetwear, where technical and casual coexist without problems. The American brand has taken great care of the design of its street line, collaborating without distinction with Japanese haute couture brands and skate brands. The North Face started from the outdoors but has carved out its space between the buildings of the city: now it enjoys a reputation and a respect built on hard work and courage, strong in a collection that includes winter jackets, t-shirts short and lots of essential accessories for a contemporary look. The North Face is constantly striving to overcome the limits of nature by continuing to respect it, going ahead to design new technologies to allow you to challenge your limits armed with the best thermal jackets in circulation. Never Stop Exploring!