Payment Methods

Payment can be made ​​online using Paypal System and Credit Card, or via Bank Transfer or cash on delivery in accordance with the procedures explained in the Site.
Upon request of the Customer, CloverfieldStore will issue an invoice for the purchased products according to the information provided by the Customer during the order session.

> Paypal Payment
Cloverfieldstore suggests the Paypal payment as a preferred payment method for a more speed confirmation both of the order and of the delivery of the goods purchased. For more information on the service, please refer to the PayPal web site.

> Credit card Payment
Cloverfieldstore allows the payment of the products purchased by credit card VISA and MASTERCARD. For reasons of security of the transactions, CloverfieldStore reserves itself the right to require the submission of a copy of an identity document of the holder of the credit card.
After the communication of the order confirmation, the customer will be charged the amount of the products purchased.
More information about the use and the costs of the service are available at the credit cards official web sites.

The payment has to be done within 3 (three) days after the order confirmation, otherwise the order will be cancelled and the purchased products will again be available online.

> Cash on Delivery Payment (Italy only)
Cloverfieldstore allows only for the Customers receiving merchandise in Italy, to use the cash on delivery method.
The cost of the service, respect the ones at points 1), 2 ) and 3) is inceased by a variable amount depending on the courier (approx. a value between 5-10 €).